Introduction and Overview

Human trafficking is a growing problem in Montana. Children, most often girls, are recruited and transported statewide and across state lines through coercive acts and forceful techniques. These victims are then forced into labor or sexually exploited by their pimps and men who pay for sexual relations. Pimps who victimize these girls are posting pictures and creating commercial sex ads on websites like Backpage and renting hotel rooms for paying customers in communities across Montana.

The Lifeguard Group: Classes, training, and resources using proven information to help end human trafficking on the job, at home, and in your community.

Human Trafficking Hotline: Montana-specific statistics and resources.

Tumbleweed: This Billings-based non-profit, community-based agency serves homeless, trafficked, runaway, and otherwise at-risk youth and their families and support systems.

I Dare You: A podcast by United Against Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking 101: Blue Campaign brief on what human trafficking is, who it is affected, and how you can help stop it.

Montana Distributors Against Human Trafficking: Sentinel Project created this guide to inform Montanans on the issue of human trafficking in Montana.

MBWDA Sentinel Project: This video from the Sentinel Project offers testimony from trafficking victims and talks about state efforts to reduce human trafficking in Montana.