The State of Montana received a federal HRSA grant in September 2018 to expand access to pediatric psychiatry. The Montana Access to Pediatric Psychiatry Network (MAPP-Net) grant strives to support primary care providers in serving children and youth in their communities with mental healthcare needs through education and consultation. Two activities will help us meet this goal: Project ECHO and the toll-free Access Line.

Project ECHO

Project ECHO is a hub-and-spoke model out of the University of New Mexico. Billings Clinic is the contracted “hub” for this program and began Project ECHO Pediatric Mental Health sessions in March 2019. An expert hub team consisting of a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Pharmacist, and Psychotherapist meet twice per month with primary care providers across the state utilizing the online platform Zoom. A member of the hub team delivers a 25-minute didactic. Then, participants can present de-identified cases to review. The hub panel and spoke sites offer feedback and suggestions on the presented cases. This collaboration among peers helps to support the presenter’s care for their pediatric patients with mental health care needs and provides an opportunity for increased knowledge for everyone listening. ECHO clinics are grant-funded and there is no cost participate.

Access Line

1-844-922-MAPP (1-844-922-6277)
A toll-free access line was established in 2019 for primary care providers to call and consult with a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist during daytime business hours. Consultations are with Billings Clinic Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. This is a provider-to-provider call, and patients do not participate. There is no cost for primary care providers to participate in this service.

MAPP-Net Partner Agencies

The following agencies are working together to support the mission of MAPP-Net, providing expert consultation, resources, training and support to hep you care for pediatric patients in their own communities when possible.

Medical Home Portal

The Medical Home Portal is a unique source of reliable information about children and youth with special health care needs, offering a “one-stop shop” for their families, physicians, medical home teams, and caregivers. The Medical Home Portal’s vision is that all children and youth with special health care needs and their families achieve the best possible outcomes for their health, well-being, and success by enhancing the availability and quality of healthcare, related services, and coordination of care.

Project ECHO

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a collaborative model of medical education and care management that empowers clinicians everywhere to provide better care to more people, right where they live. The ECHO model dramatically increases access to specialty treatment in rural and underserved areas by providing front-line clinicians with the knowledge and support they need to manage patients with complex conditions by engaging clinicians in a continuous learning system and partnering them with specialist mentors at an academic medical center or hub.

Billings Clinic Foundation

Billings Clinic Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation providing philanthropic support of Billings Clinic’s mission in bringing the highest quality of care, the latest medical technology, and superior services to patients and their families. The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage, receive, administer, and disburse donated funds while also fostering volunteerism and positive community awareness of Billings Clinic. Each year, the foundation receives charitable donations and bequests to elevate patient care.

Public Health in the 406 CSHS

Children’s Special Health Services works to help children and families in Montana receive the healthcare and supportive services they need to live happy, healthy lives in their communities. We do this through programs that help educate families and providers, connect families to needed resources, and provide care for children and youth (0-21 years of age) throughout the state.

Rural Institute University of Montana

Rural Institute is committed to creating better lives for rural people with disabilities and their families. With innovative services, training and research, RI strives to improve independence and participation of people with disabilities in everyday activities and all aspects of the community.