Introduction and Overview

The following resources are widely used in clinical settings to screen and assess, design treatment protocol, prescribe medication and provide referrals for children and adolescents.

Screening & Assessment

Pediatrics: Surveillance & Screening

Screening and assessment overview.


Implementing School-Age & Adolescent Social-Emotional Screenings in Your Practice

Choosing and implementing screening tools/considerations.


Healthy Child and Adolescent Development

Promotion and screening for risk at well visits.


Pediatric Symptom Checklist

Symptom checklist designed to facilitate the recognition of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems. Includes parent-completed version and youth self-report appropriate for adolescents ages 11 and up.


Popular patient depression questionnaire. Modified for Adolescents (PHQ-A), Modified for Teens.


Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED)

Anxiety symptom screener that include versions to be filled out by the child and the caregiver.


Antidepressant Monitoring Form for Children and Adolescents

Designed to monitor how well medication is working and measure side effects patients may be experiencing.


CRAFFT Interview (Version 2.1)

Popular screening instrument for adolescents.



Quick questionnaire to help determine if an alcohol assessment is needed.



Popular screener used in primary care settings to screen for harmful alcohol consumption.


Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS)

Physical exam to assess for Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms. Tardive Dyskinesia causes abnormal movements. Symptoms can be a result of antipsychotic medications.


Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnosis pageVanderbilt ADHD Rating Scale

Psychological assessment tool for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms that includes a teacher rating scale, parent rating scale, and scoring scale.


Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSR)Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS)

The C-SSRS is designed for professionals to assess suicide risk, with several versions tailored to varied settings or populations.


ASQ NIMH Suicide Screening ToolNational Institute of Mental Health Ask Suicide-Screening Tool (ASQ)

The ASQ is a suicide screening tool for use among both youth and adults. All toolkit materials are available on the NIMH website.



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Referral and Co-Management

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  • Can code two per visit
  • Code pays $7.91 (at well visit and at E+M visit)
    • Examples: Bright Futures Adolescent Supplemental Questionnaire, GAPS, HEADSSS

  • Can code two per visit
  • Code pays $4.10 (at well visit and at E+M visit)
    • Examples: PSC, SCARED, CDI, CES-DEC, PHQ-9 Modified for Adolescents, Vanderbilt, Conners

  • May be reported in addition to E/M or Health Check
  • Code pays $30.73 (only code if screen is positive & counseling is documented from 3-15 minutes)
    • Examples: CRAFFT for Substance Use/Abuse

Additional Resources for Families

Additional resources on behavioral health topics can be found in focused toolkit.